Our Story

Our farming journey together began in 2011. We grow specialty cut flowers for wholesale and retail and offer a cut flower subscription program for our community. We also supply DIY buckets of flowers for brides, or other event planners, interested in doing their own floral arrangements. We started farming with livestock and still raise goats, ducks, and pigs. We enjoy our horse, dogs and cats as companions on our journey. 

Land stewardship and regenerative agriculture concepts are a couple of our driving interests. One of our guiding farming disciplines is permaculture. We appreciate the thoughtful consideration given to the environment, the land and and natural floral and fauna existing on the land which we are fortunate enough to be guardians of.

In cooperation with our livestock we produce beautiful compost that allows us to grow beautiful flowers. We feed locally grown, organic, soy-free grains and local hay. Our animals spend their lives outside in the fresh air and are rotated through our 15 acre property to ensure they have access to fresh pasture.

It may surprise some to discover locally grown cut flowers as an alternative to the commonly found internationally grown blooms.  Our farm grown flowers have a smaller environmental footprint, a relatively longer vase life and by purchasing them you're supporting a small business in your own community. ​

We choose to be small scale and diversified to best oversee all aspects of the farm and to continue to improve the health of our land. 

It is our goal to grow only the highest quality products.

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Our luxurious, handcrafted, goat's milk soaps, available in a variety of scents, and unusual goose egg ornaments are available by appointment at the farm or at craft fairs. Join our email list below to get a notice of scheduled events..

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