Collection: Dahlia Tuber Shop


Glenerie Farm is a specialty cut flower farm in the Hudson Valley of New York. We’ve been growing dahlias for 13 years as part of our diverse farmstead. The last 5 years we’ve been growing for florists and our CSA/Subscription members.

We have previously sold tubers on Facebook groups, but wanted to make them accessible to a wider audience. Our offerings have grown as well. We have over 70 varieties available this year!

Shop our collection of over 70 varieties of dahlias grow on our solar powered regenerative farm in the Hudson Valley of New York.

The stock we sell has all been grown on our farm. We do have some varieties that were originally imported. I have noted where a variety was a new import as of the previous season. We cull hard for diseases, though that has fortunately been infrequent. We don’t sell imported clumps of tubers. All tubers are grown, dug, washed, inspected, divided, packed, stored, and re-inspected before shipping.

We guarantee at least one eye on your tuber. You may find some tubers will be cut. We do this for a number of reasons. Usually, it’s because they are giant and we have limited storage space. We also cut them to make sure they don’t have rot in the center. Additionally, we trim them because a larger tuber will cause the dahlia plant to grow roots and new tubers at a slower rate (they will spend more time living off the tuber, if it’s large). And finally, it’s less expensive to ship them if they are trimmed, making it possible to fit more tubers in a box for you and less weight for shipping charges.

We expect to start shipping in April, but, will take care that the temperature is safe to do so.

We do not accept returns of dahlia tubers. If you have purchased a tuber from us that doesn’t grow, let us know within 6 weeks of receiving your tuber(s) and we will replace it if we can or provide a refund in the event that the given variety is sold out.

I'm sorry we are not able to combine orders. Please shop accordingly. (We do offer free shipping on orders over $200!)

Lastly, we hope you are delighted with your purchase and enjoy growing dahlias as much as we do!